Wine Tours

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Wine Tours

What is more fun than a wine tour? Exploring new country, tasting new wines, touring wine cellars with all the wonderful sites and smells, hearing each wineries story and philosophy, the list goes on!  Presented here are some of our favorite one day to one month tours of wine growing regions that create unforgettable experiences and further add to our appreciation of wine.

Best Time of Year for a Wine Tour

Spring and summer seasons are the most popular time to go on a wine tasting tour. But this also means wineries will be getting plenty of visitors and you will have to keep up with the pace set by others in your group. If you prefer to take your time enjoying the wines and having a chat with winemakers, your best bet is to consider off-season visits. Going on a wine tasting tour during winter or early spring will help you avoid the crowd. You will also get an insight into the goings-on of the harvesting and crushing seasons. But some of you may want to go on a wine tasting tour during a specific period of the wine-growing cycle. In such cases, you can conduct some research to plan your visit accordingly.

What Type of Wineries do You Want to Visit?

To truly enjoy your wine tasting tour, it’s best if you limit yourself to three winery visits per day. So can really take the time to enjoy the wines and explore everything the wineries have to offer. Plan ahead and shortlist which wineries you would like to visit. Do you wish to go on a quiet private tasting at a small family-owned winery? Or are you keen on trying the most reputable wineries of the region? Maybe you wish to visit prestigious wineries but these are often closed to the public. The good news is that a few luxury wine tour agents can make arrangements to grant you exclusive access. And you can go on a luxury wine tasting tour with your family or friends. In addition to this, you could also consider the facilities available at the wineries you plan on visiting. Maybe you wish to visit a winery with a breathtaking view and outdoor seating, for instance. So depending on your choices, you can research wineries fitting your requirement in the region. And then you can map out your schedule accordingly. Try to throw in a mix of both reputable and lesser-known wineries for the perfect wine tasting tour experience. In most wineries, there will be a fee for wine tasting. But many of them waive off these charges if you buy wine. And professionals like retailers, distributors, etc. would also get free wine tasting.

Final Thoughts

Some wine tasting tour agents can make arrangements for a luxury wine tasting tour without any additional charges for the wines you taste. And if you do intend to buy some wine during your wine tasting tour, make sure you bring along some coolers or ice chests to carry the wine. This will prevent the wine from getting exposed to temperature fluctuations, which are especially common in semi-arid regions. So you have a basic idea what you need to consider and plan ahead for when planning a wine tasting tour. If you don’t know the region well and if you’re new to wine tasting, the best thing to do is consult with a luxury wine tour agent. These agents will help you select the best wineries to visit and also make pre-arrangements for accommodations, appointments for winery visits, and more. So you can have a stress-free wine tasting tour experience in some of the world’s best wine regions.

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